At the end of every conference, we send our members an electronic survey so that the board and planning committee can get important feedback from our members.  We use this information to make each conference better and better.  Below are some of the great things our members have said when asked "What did you like best about the conference?"

DVRC Spring Conference 2010

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to put this conference together. Job well done.

Great meeting and very well planned. It is nice to have an outside speaker as part of the event. Maybe on worklife balance, time management, motivational, etc. I know these typically cost money but it adds variety to the meeting.

I think the conference should be scheduled to end by 4:00pm. Most attendees would like to be on the road heading home or to their office by this time.

I would like to compliment the progression of DVRC It gets better and better and this was one of the best prepared sessions. Excellent work. We have commercial membership but it also seems to be getting more balanced which is great for everyone. It is important not to solicit, and that should be emphasized, but to learn from each other and that should be the goal. Sharing lessens the burden in this increasingly complicated business. The best point made was "know what is going on in all facets of national and international relocation". How else can we be an asset- I research everything- it changes daily- it was great to hear that confirmed.

The choice for the meal was not something that would appeal to everyone. It was a little too spicy for my taste. I think most would agree.

The conference was fun and informative. Liked the varied presentation formats, great speakers. Excellent representation from corporate and commercial members. I think having pre-sessions is an excellent use of the time. Seemed that most attendees stayed for the duration of the meeting.

The Planning Committee did an excellent job!

Wonderful job of organizing - very professionally presented. CRP credits are incredible and very helpful to those ERC members whose companies aren't supporting attendance during these tough economic times.


Past DVRC Meetings

I attend many local relocation conferences across the country and I must say this was one of the best I have attended. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I am a new member and felt very welcomed in this group. I already have some suggestions from your meeting for our local conference in VA. I have nothing but good things to say about DVRC!!

I loved the panel discussion. The panel was knowledgeable, energetic, and fun. It's always great to hear our industry peers talk candidly about current topics that are affecting us all in one way or another. It's even better when lots of time is given to the audience (as it was) to openly participate with questions and comments relative to the discussion.

Ability to network and learn from other attendees

All areas of the conf. were good and I really liked the tidbits of information from the sponsors. I thought this was a very creative touch. Thank you.

Dr. Susan Wachter was excellent and very helpful in understanding the position our market is in.

Excellent location, timely topics, very good pace & on schedule!

Good amount of time for networking, good feeling of connection with everyone. Content was great.

Great real world examples of mobility challenges.

It was a very user friendly conference. Enough emphasis on both content and networking.

Many topics covered. Highly educational on many levels. Many insights provided. I liked the format of the last, interactive session.

Panel discussion - it was interactive and addressed many concerns that professionals have on their minds right now.

Susan Wachter was very informative and it was very interesting listening to her perspective. I liked the flow of the conference. The timing of subjects was perfect. The panel discussion from the different perspectives was very interesting and I learned a lot.

The high level of the content and the quality of the attendees.

The panel discussion touched upon timely issues that we are all dealing with and gave good examples of solutions. Also liked the ability to present your own questions/comments.

The presentation by Dr Susan Wachter. It helped me to better understand the soft market, what caused home values to decrease and how it has impacted our economy. I found the panel of experts to be very helpful. It confirmed that my relocation policies are on track and cost effective.

Topics, meeting facilities, and technical sound system.

Always appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the BOD and the committees!!!!

Everyone did a fantastic job and should be proud of all the hard work you all put into making such a successful event.

Kim, Jason and John were very helpful prior to me attending my first DVRC conference!!

The timing and duration of the breaks were well planned. The sponsorship table was fantastic. As service providers it would be great if there was a time for interaction at the sponsorship table.

These meetings keep getting better and better! Kudos to the Board and Planning Committee!


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